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Visit South Jersey

Branding a Destination Marketing Organization

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Visit South Jersey
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Brand Identity

Visit South Jersey Branded Stationery

Visual Messaging

Communicating your story with your visual identity

When Jake Buganski contacted us about rebranding Visit South Jersey, he presented the challenge of creating an identity system that expresses a few key aspects of South Jersey Tourism. While packing too much into your identity can create overcrowded assets, it is definitely possible to create a system that solves the above challenge for different environments. We worked on a library of assets that lends itself well to this situation.

Visit South Jersey Brand Identity
Visit South Jersey Brand Identity

Clean, yet Multifaceted

Iconography representing varied subjects

Iconography was developed to represent three areas of focus: The thriving SJ wine region, food and hospitality, and exploring the great SJ outdoors. The icons can be used alone or with their word mark in multiple logo lockups. In creating this visual strategy, VSJ was given recommendations on how the iconography could be used in various marketing materials and how it could be expanded upon if they ever required additional icons for other areas of tourism they focus on.