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Holiday Card 3-Pack

Unconventional holiday cards from the peculiar minds of Nikki and Maki. This 3-pack contains 3-folded 4.25″ x 5.5″ cards and envelopes with designs that were voted on by our email subscribers and followers.


  • 3 cards (pictured)
  • 3 white envelopes
  • First class shipping*
    (*within US only)
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Illustration, Design, and Concepts copyright © 2023, Nicola Black Design, LLC & Maki Naro • All rights reserved

About NikkiMaki

Hi! We’re Nikki and Maki. Two self-employed individuals (designer & illustrator) + married couple exploring fun ways to work together.

Our goal is to make art for fun, outside of client work, creating whatever we’d like.

Could be cards, stickers, magnets, buttons, scarves, or digital art. Anything goes! Purely for our own creative exploration and making things that bring us joy!

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