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Locality isn’t an issue. We are able to work with you no matter where you reside. That’s right! Luckily, graphic design is among those industries where most everything can be done remotely. While we’re located in New York state, most of our clients are at least 300 miles away. In fact, about 99% of our work/communication is done via email and internet communications. It’s extremely convenient for both parties. We’re certain you’ll be satisfied with our process and correspondence.

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“Nicola was a huge breath of fresh air and energy. She is extremely professional and timely. She answered my many emails immediately. She problem-solved like nobody’s business. She set up a schedule of deadlines for us to hit as we progressed through the project, and she met all of them. Actually, she finished several steps early! Her attention to detail is unmatched. “

— Jennie Love, Love ‘n Fresh Flowers

“Nicola is the definitive rock star of design. She is inventive, detailed and consistent in producing superior work while always hitting any crazy deadline that is thrown her way. Best of all, Nicola is tremendously easy to communicate with which is not always an easy thing to find. She patiently answers questions, volunteers creative ideas and has an incredible knack for understanding what I’m asking for, even when I’m not sure myself! Many people have been impressed with the catalogs that we produced together and a large chunk of those compliments should go to Nicola. Those books wouldn’t have been half of what they were without her. Having worked together on various projects for the past several years, I can say with absolute certainty that her talent and reliability are unmatched. I cannot recommend her more highly!”

— Teresa Slackway, DVD Empire

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