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Logo To Go: A DIY Visual Brand Identity Assistant

The Missing Link Between DIY and Pro Design.

Are you a small business owner who wants to invest in professional brand identity, but don’t yet have the funding? If you’re considering DIYing, Logo to Go will help guide and inform you through the process.


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Logo To Go helps guide you through the process of DIYing your Brand Identity.

Throughout my career working as a Brand Identity Strategist and Designer, I’ve noticed there is a missing link between DIY and professional design. Many small business owners aren’t prepared for the investment required to create a professional brand identity. And after seeing the same pattern pop up repeatedly, I realized that I could help! I wrote Logo To Go to help bridge the gap between DIYing and hiring a professional.

My goal is to give you some insight on the process a professional brings to the project so you’re better prepared for the DIY process – some peace of mind to feel a bit more informed and confident in what you’re creating. Plus a few tips and tricks to use along the way. While saving to invest in a professionally designed identity, Logo To Go is your DIY Visual Brand Identity assistant – ensuring what you create, to get by, will be better informed than going it alone.

This is not a graphic design education. Rather, a tool and guidebook specifically written for small business owners, who are not designers, and is meant to help better arm them with the basic insight needed in their DIY journey.

Logo To Go covers the elements of a brand identity and what’s needed to create it. This guide includes information needed to develop an identity that your audience will grow to trust, recognize, and associate positively with your brand.

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  • Tips and tricks
  • Dos and Don’ts
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Logo To Go Love:

Logo To Go will let you DIY with confidence while laying the groundwork to truly understand your longer-term needs.”

Jen Dionisio
Jen Dionisio
Coach + Owner,

“Nicola gently walks you through the basics of DIY-ing your visual branding assets and explains what you need beyond that one logo file you drew in Procreate.”

Kat Sklar
Kat Sklar
Data Whiz,