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Five-Generation Family Tree Designs

It's time to get all of that research out of desk drawers or your computer and onto the wall to admire!

The five Family Tree Designs available.
Framed mockup above for illustration purposes only. Mat and frame are not included. Designs © 2022, Nicola Black Design, LLC • All rights reserved.

You’ve been dreaming about commemorating your ancestors in a visual way, but aren’t sure how to do it in a high-quality and attractive way. 

You’ve tried downloading templated designs that you can fill out on your own, but they’re clunky and hard to navigate. Now, it’s just another file sitting on your computer. 

You’re the family historian, but all of your research is tucked away in file folders, stuck in drawers, or living on your computer. 

Or maybe you’re a genealogist who wants to find a reliable source to give their clients a special, personalized way to document the research you’ve provided them.

Wouldn’t it feel great being able to go from research and data to a beautifully designed piece with ease?

Imagine being able to use your research to create an heirloom that will be admired for generations to come. 

Creating a beautiful tree to display and commemorate your research and family history should be easier. A little professional help would be great! It’s no fun being left alone to navigate unhelpful and limited templates.

You’re ready to go with five-generations of ancestors’ names and would appreciate light, one-on-one, professional help that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. 

A thoughtful process designed for ease of capturing your information to produce a final product you’ll be feel good about and be proud to show off would make this so much easier!

All of this is achievable with my Family Tree Designs!

Framed mockup above for illustration purposes only. Mat and frame are not included. Designs © 2022, Nicola Black Design, LLC • All rights reserved.

I'm ready! Show me the options!

As an amateur genealogist and professional designer, my love of turning data into attractive designs is natural. I understand the desire to display the years of research we’ve put so much effort into. But I’m a designer. It’s easy enough for me to create something I’m proud to display. What about other family historians who aren’t designers? 

As I started to look at what is available, it became quickly apparent that ordering processes were bulky and/or the final product received lacked in quality.

That, or you receive a template that you’re meant to fill in and print on your own, but the software you’re supposed to use has limitations and is difficult to figure out.

I’ve created a way that you can admire a high-quality, budget-friendly design on your wall you love for years to come. I guide you through a process I’ve designed from start to finish. A simplified process (with as much data 5-generations includes) that provides the necessary one-on-one attention required to complete a piece you will be happy to display. 

To keep costs as budget-friendly as possible and out of the realm of more expensive custom design work, I’ve created a library of pre-made designs for you to choose from. I’m starting out with five based around one central person, but there’s a good chance I’ll be adding more design options in the future. Of course, if you don’t want to wait, and would like a 100% custom design created today (maybe you’d like to add siblings or create an entirely different design – think two-sides of a marriage for example), you are always welcome to inquire for a custom quote here.

So, how does it work?

Each design is customized with your family names which you provide via the ordering process I’ve developed. So, you’ll want to be sure you have the names of the people listed below BEFORE ordering as this product doesn’t currently include genealogical research. 

  • central person
  • parents
  • grandparents
  • great-grandparents
  • and great-great-grandparents


1. Order Form + Family Tree Helper Worksheet:

Once you begin the process by purchasing one of the options below, you’ll be sent a link to our Family Tree Order Form. This is where you’ll choose which of the five designs you’d like and provide five-generations of your family names. 

The Family Tree Helper worksheet, pictured above (also available here, as a free standalone, for those still doing research), which is included with the digital form and required, will help you keep track of this information while also providing insurance for placement and spelling.

2. Data Review and Confirmation:

Once your form is submitted, I’ll begin comparing names and placements. If there is a discrepancy, I will reach out to you to confirm the correct spelling and/or placement you’d like.

3. Design phase begins:

I will work on your design and submit one draft for you to review and approve. If there are any spelling or placement mistakes, your package includes one round of edits (“edits” include spelling and/or placement edits only. IE: The design can not be altered unless you’d like to work with me to produce a 100% custom-designed tree which I’m happy to provide an estimate for here) which I will apply before exporting your final digital file for personal use. 

4. Delivery:

You will receive your digital files (PDF + JPG) via email upon completion which you are welcome to print at home or with a print vendor of your choice. If you ordered a hard copy printed option (US orders only): I will reach out for your preferred delivery address and submit the final, approved file to my printer which will be delivered to you upon completion. Please note, turnaround and delivery time for prints* varies depending on a few factors, but I will keep you in the loop and updated with progress.

*In most cases, print orders can be expected within 14 business days from time of approval. We will alert you if we foresee any delays. Please keep weekends and holidays in mind if you need your print by a certain date.

All set? Let's do this!

Whether the family tree you’re ordering is for you or will be a baby-shower or wedding gift for a friend, you’re on your way to a piece of heirloom art that can be displayed and admired for years to come!

It’s also important to note that who you consider family is up to you and is valid. Any and all kinds of family are valid for representation. If you’re interested in a Family Tree Design and would like to create a tree with chosen family, or have other special circumstances, it is important that you know you are 100% welcome. ♥

PDF/Digital • Print Yourself


Press-ready PDF (and JPG) file to print at home or send to a printer of your choice

Regular Print + PDF/Digital


Printed and delivered: 120lb smooth uncoated paper + digital version
(U.S. only)

Luxe Print + PDF/Digital


Printed and delivered: Luxe, cover, Lettra paper + digital version
(U.S. only)

Printed option is only available to US customers. Purchase does not include family history research. If you begin your order without five-generations of names, you agree that the corresponding spot(s) will be blank. Once purchased, you’ll be directed to our Family Tree form to submit names. Depending on your order, you will receive a PDF and JPG and/or hard copy print as your final deliverable. Turnaround for digital PDF/JPG: 5-business days from the date all info has been received. Turnaround for print: In most cases, print orders can be expected within 14 business days from time of approval. We will alert you if we foresee any unexpected delays. Please keep weekends and holidays in mind if you need your print by a certain date.

What people say about working with us

Curious what people are saying about how working with Nicola Black Design, LLC has helped them showcase their family history? Here are a few testimonials.

RE: Family Tree Design

This family tree will become a family heirloom, no doubt. It’s beautiful, unexpected, and the perfect example of modern-yet-meaningful wall décor. As long as you’re prepared with your ancestors’ names, customization and ordering are easy.”

Danielle Burrows

RE: Family Tree Design

Nicola was easy to work with, very responsive, and the turnaround time was quick. I liked the design choices, and had a little trouble deciding which one to pick! When I was researching my family history, I had set up a spreadsheet, but always wanted to get something more professional looking to display the info. This chart from Nicola is perfect, it clearly and attractively displays the lineage for all the branches of my family.”

Donna R.

RE: Family Tree Design

“As a descendant of both Irish and Jewish immigrants who came to this country under some duress, and whose stories have long been lost, it was wonderful to have an excuse to do some digging through my family tree, and even better to wind up with a product that doesn’t resemble the old-fashioned idea of what a family tree is supposed to look like.

Jill Ivey
I'm ready! Show me the options!