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Light Brand Identity Audits

Does Your Visual Identity Align With Your Brand Messaging?

You’ve developed brand messaging (mission, vision, positioning, value proposition, etc) that you’re proud of and want to get the word out about your business. But your efforts are missing the mark visually and feel disconnected from that messaging.

You’re worried all of your efforts on the front end of developing your messaging are completely lost in design. And you’re certain it can translate better visually. But you don’t have the slightest idea of what’s needed to accomplish this.

Thinking of your personal brand loyalty experiences, you understand how strong graphics and imagery have the power to create long-lasting emotional connections.

The value and importance of the role design plays in your visual marketing efforts are clear. Yet, you’re still DIYing your design efforts. You’re missing that all-important emotional connection with your audience a well-designed visual brand identity delivers and in turn, engagement is low.

Or maybe you haven’t taken the steps to fully develop your brand messaging – you’ve been using quick imagery you DIY’d without considering the strategy necessary to develop strong, engaging graphics. But you’re ready to take the next step in your business. It’s time for the next level of growth. Moving forward, you want your business to be taken seriously. You’re ready to go through the proper steps to develop a visual brand identity to support this.

Are you feeling unsure about your design efforts? Is your brand messaging getting lost in the mix?

Imagine producing well-designed and intentional graphic assets that do the work FOR YOU.

You’re ready for people to feel excited when they see your images appear in their feeds; for people to recognize your business immediately by design; for them to stop and absorb what you’re saying because your visual assets are designed to get their attention.

When your audience sees your logo and other related graphics, they’ll feel an instant association of trust and quality.

You’re ready to feel good knowing your brand graphics are positively affecting your bottom line – boosting engagement, building brand loyalty, and positive association.

You’re excited to feel confident knowing all of your visual efforts are developed with intention and reason using purposeful design elements to better connect with your audience. You are looking forward to assurance those efforts are informed by data and research on the front end.

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With solid strategy informing the design process, you build more valuable relationships from the get-go.

That’s where I come in. My name is Nicola Black. I’m a Visual Brand Identity Strategist and Designer helping business owners create high-quality, impactful identities. I’ll help you navigate the world of design identifying areas of improvement to ensure your messaging aligns with your visual communications.

I’ve designed these Light Brand identity Audits so you can take the first step in this process. I’ll guide you through an introductory branding questionnaire and review how your messaging aligns with your visuals uncovering ways it can produce better results.

By booking a Light Brand Identity Audit, you’ll get:

Steps you can take, immediately, to improve your identity both technically and to better align with messaging

An understanding of whether or not your messaging is aligned with your current visuals

Insight on how you can improve your design assets to better convey your brand messaging

Suggested ways design elements can be used to better engage your target audience

Tips on how to adapt visuals to improve brand recognition

A 30-minute discovery meeting (virtual) where we’ll get to know more about you, your business, and your current brand identity. You’ll also learn more about Nicola Black Design, LLC and the next steps in the Light Brand Identity Audit process.

Each light brand identity audit comes with a Brand Messaging Questionnaire that you’ll fill out. Once you’ve completed those initial exercises, we’ll have enough information to conduct the audit comparing your visuals with your messaging.

NOTE: If you do not have official brand messaging yet, that is okay! The questionnaire is designed to provide the base information we need to conduct the audits.

What’s done well

What needs work/pain points

Areas of opportunity for better visual execution

Our recommendations

Suggested next steps

A 30-minute debrief (virtual meeting) where we’ll discuss your report, the next steps for implementation, and answer any additional questions you may have about our suggestions and findings.

A credit, good for 90 days, in the amount of your chosen Light Brand Identity Audit package, to apply to one of our custom Visual Brand Identity Strategy and Design packages.

Great for when you decide you’d like to take this light exploration further with a more in-depth engagement. Your investment in the Light Audit will be applied to the full cost of an Identity refresh or redesign where we can implement the suggestions made in your report.

Book Your Audit:

Light Logo Audit


Base package.
Analysis of your logo VS. your brand messaging + technical
improvement suggestions.
Including all items listed above.

Light Logo & Digital Audit


Analysis of logo + website up to 2 social media accounts visuals VS. how they reflect your brand messaging + technical improvement suggestions.
Including all items listed above.

Light Logo & Print Audit


Analysis of logo + up to 2 single-page pieces of printed collateral VS. your brand messaging + technical improvement suggestions. Including all items listed above.

Light Logo, Print, & Digital Audit


Analysis of logo + up to 2 single-page pieces of print collateral + website up to 2 social media accounts visuals VS. your brand messaging + technical improvement suggestions. Including all items listed above.

Need more info on how it works?

I get it! I always like to know the steps in the process and what happens after booking. Here are the steps. If you have any other questions about the audits before booking, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


1. Choose which package you’d like to purchase and click the “Book an Audit Now!” button.

2. Once purchased, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a link to book your 30-Minute Discovery Meeting (virtual).

3. After the call, fill out the Light Brand Audit Questionnaire you’ll receive. Set some time aside to focus and submit your answers along with all graphics and/or links to documents/website/socials requested for your audit review.

4. Sit back while I complete the audit and prepare your report!

5. Now it’s time to review your report! ? We’ll conclude with a 30-Minute Debrief (virtual meeting) to review and answer any questions you may have.

All Set? Let's Do This!

You’re on your way to uncovering how your visual identity can better align with your messaging, build brand recognition, and connect with the people you want to help.

I look forward to getting to know more about you and your business!

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What People Say About Working With Us

Curious what people are saying about how working with Nicola Black Design, LLC has helped them build their businesses? Here are a few testimonials.

Jen Dionisio on the Light Brand Identity Audit Package. Hover cursor over video to play. 

RE: Brand Identity & Design Work

“Working with Nicola Black Design was a huge help to my business and was responsible for the amount of growth I had as a company.”

Hillary Rea
Hillary Rea
Founder, Tell Me A Story

RE: Brand Identity & Design Work

“Nicola Black Design will help your small business punch above its weight.”

Liz Neeley
Liz Neeley
Former Executive Director, The Story Collider

RE: Logo To Go eBook

“Logo To Go will let you DIY with confidence while laying the groundwork to truly understand your longer-term needs.”

Jen Dionisio
Jen Dionisio
Coach + Owner, Jen Dionisio Coaching

RE: Brand Identity & Design Work

“What I really love about Nicola is that she has this special gift for taking your vision and goals and creating a visual strategy and identity that is going to align with them.”

Kristy Runzer
Kristy Runzer
Founder, OnRoute Financial

RE: Logo To Go eBook

“Nicola gently walks you through the basics of DIY-ing your visual branding assets and explains what you need beyond that one logo file you drew in Procreate.”

Kat Sklar
Kat Sklar
Data Whiz,
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