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Light Brand Identity Audits

If you’re a small business owner curious about how to improve your brand identity, both technically and in how to better align it with your messaging, my Light Brand Identity Audits are for you. I’ll guide you through an introductory branding questionnaire and review how your messaging aligns with your visuals uncovering ways it can produce better results.

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Logo To Go eBook

If you’re considering DIYing your business’s visual branding, Logo to Go will help guide and inform you through the process. This eBook is written for small business owners who aren’t quite ready to invest in a professionally designed brand identity – think of it as the missing link between choosing to DIY and hiring a professional.

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NikkiMaki Products

A fun side-quest that Nikki and Maki, two self-employed and married individuals, use to explore fun ways to work together. A place where they can make art for fun outside of client work, creating whatever they’d like. Anything goes! Purely for creative exploration & joy!

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Work In Progress Community

Community and professional support for freelancers and solo entrepreneurs. Pro seasons happen twice per year. Core membership is rolling all year long.

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Family Tree Designs

Family historians and genealogists, this one is for you! It’s time to get all that research out of drawers or your computer and onto the wall to admire! Here’s a way to make the jump from all that research to a quality heirloom design with ease. Order one of my Family Tree Designs today!

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