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Penn’s View Hotel

A brand with rich history

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Penn's View Hotel
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Brand Identity

Penns View Hotel Horizontal Images

Steeped in History

A story about place and family

Before updating Penn’s View Hotel’s identity, we had already worked with them for almost 10 years on much of their marketing materials and design needs. Over those years, our relationship grew and with that comes knowing their business, values, and messaging. In 2017, they came to us with the hope of updating their identity – something more modern, but still showcasing their rich history.

Penns View Hotel Logo Brand Identity
Penns View Hotel Identity

Custom Illustration

A custom mark that is 100% you

Penn’s View Hotel has a very rich family history as well as a location steeped in Philadelphia history. They opened in 1990 after purchasing a historical property on Front Street that was built in 1828. The building has gone through many different iterations since 1828 and that narrative is one that is weaved throughout Penn’s View Hotel’s story. The building is a key character in the hotel’s story. For the boutique hotel’s brand identity, we included a custom illustration of the front of the building, seen in their logo, to use throughout their visual messaging.