“I loved working with Nicola Black Design, LLC every moment, from the consultation to getting the final product. Not only for the professionalism, but Nicola is so sweet and patient! I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted, but it was like she plucked what I had wanted all along and presented it in such a gorgeous way, that I actually cried a little when I first saw the proofs! Could not recommend anyone more strongly if you’re looking for amazing design work. ”

— Cristal Gogolen • Owner, Turbinado Bakehouse

“Nicola Black Design, LLC was amazing to work with on the re-design and re-launch of my website. I had actually hired two other web developers to work on the project previously but found them both to be unprofessional and completely incapable of meeting deadlines. By the time I started working with Nicola, I was pretty jaded about web developers/designers and had all but given up on being happy with one.

Nicola was a huge breath of fresh air and energy. She is extremely professional and timely. She answered my many emails immediately. She problem-solved like nobody’s business. She set up a schedule of deadlines for us to hit as we progressed through the project, and she met all of them. Actually, she finished several steps early! Her attention to detail is unmatched. I say that with a bit of awe since I, myself, am a details diva. Her design eye is keen. While I had a very clear vision for the site design already and needed Nicola mostly to just execute the development of it, I really appreciated her input on aesthetics and felt great knowing that she has mad graphic design skills too, unlike most web developers. She helped optimize all my graphics for display on the web. She worked with me to find the perfect fonts. She also worked hard on SEO and making sure the site was friendly to all mobile devices.

So, in short, Nicola Black Design, LLC has some of the best customer service I’ve ever experienced, and my finished site makes me so happy. I will be recommending Nicola repeatedly to others!!”

— Jennie Love • Owner, Love ‘n Fresh Flowers

“Nicola has a great design sense and is incredibly professional. It’s been a pleasure to work with her as a designer on a number of graphic novels and art books that I’ve published. She is also extremely capable in prepress and production and is able to work directly with printers to get them the files they need.

I highly recommend working with Nicola Black on your next design project.”

— Tyler Chin-Tanner, A Wave Blue World

“At HMC, we are a very visual organization. Nicola was able to use her amazing creative chops and unparalleled organization to constantly create eye-catching design assets for our clients and internally over the tenure of her employment. Nicola provided a fresh perspective with anything she worked on. Her previous role in running her own agency added a much needed project management aspect to all of her projects, where she was able to communicate effectively with clients and develop a schedule that both HMC and clients were pleased with.

Over the course of her tenure at HMC, Nicola was able to develop a multitude of design pieces ranging from infographics to web graphics and was featured in media around the country. Her work on HMC’s internal scratch off mailer was crucial in the win of an ADDY award in Philadelphia. The true quality of her work was exemplified here.

Some of Nicola’s personal responsibilities included project management, client communication, project scheduling, creative brainstorming and concepting, branding, logo development, and asset development (infographics, memes, web design, graphic design, etc). In addition, she was essential in developing new processes for the client services department and creative team to follow, which are still in use today. Nicola is very diligent and requires very minimal supervision to get a job done. The end product speaks for itself.

Nicola is a hardworking, organized, experienced and dedicated professional with an amazing personality to boot. She is committed to her career and to delivering superlative results. She is an amazing team member and got along very well with all staff, clients, and partners. Nicola will surely be an invaluable asset to her future employer or on a freelance basis.”

— Kevin Colahan, Here’s My Chance

“Nicola is the definitive rock star of design. She is inventive, detailed and consistent in producing superior work while always hitting any crazy deadline that is thrown her way. Best of all, Nicola is tremendously easy to communicate with which is not always an easy thing to find. She patiently answers questions, volunteers creative ideas and has an incredible knack for understanding what I’m asking for, even when I’m not sure myself! Many people have been impressed with the catalogs that we produced together and a large chunk of those compliments should go to Nicola. Those books wouldn’t have been half of what they were without her. Having worked together on various projects for the past several years, I can say with absolute certainty that her talent and reliability are unmatched. I cannot recommend her more highly!”

— Teresa Slackway • recent Director of Mail Order at DVD Empire

“I originally worked with Nicola at TLA Entertainment Group where she was a member of the graphics team. She created beautiful catalogs and was always a pleasure to work with. When I needed a graphic designer at DVD Empire and heard Nicola had started her own design firm I was thrilled. She is an excellent designer! She provides wonderful creativity and the level of expertise needed to complete any project successfully. She bent over backwards to meet any crazy deadline we threw at her and stepped in many times to handle issues with the printer which saved the company tremendous amounts of time and money…and my sanity. Our catalog would not have been as beautiful as it was without her input. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for a graphic designer and hope we get to work together again in the future.”

— Vanessa Keegan • recent Director of Mail Order at DVD Empire

“Nicola was so great to work with. She listened to my ideas and answered ALL of my questions. She really took the time to understand what my business was all about and came up with a logo that reflects that perfectly! I would highly recommend Nicola for any graphic design work! She is the best!”

— Christine Sheil • Owner at Christine Sheil, Sharing the Joy of Music

“Nicola joined HMC at a critical point in our growth. Her experience, rigor and creativity had an immediate impact on our company and the quality of our work. It was a pleasure watching Nicola’s eye perk up when offered a challenge and an even bigger delight seeing her deliver on time. Her attention to detail is second to none and was critical to support HMC in building our internal processes and understanding what we need to gather from our clients to empower our creatives to do the best job possible. Honored to have Nicola as a colleague and friend.”

— David Gloss, Here’s My Chance

“Nicola Black is so good at what she does, sometimes I feel like I am in a Sci-Fi movie and she is in my brain. In a good way of course. Not the evil way where she makes me kill the human race and take over the world. I love working with her and twirling our mustaches together over Pinot Noir. She inspires me everyday to be a better artist and business lady.

— Candace Sporer • Director of Dr. Sketchy’s Philadelphia

“Wow! Nicola Black Design has been transformational for my business image. Nicola understands my needs, “hears” my desires, and makes them manifest. Patient, friendly, and professional – how did I get by without her all these years?”

— Darla Magee • Owner and instructor at Darla’s Yoga Garden

“Nicola Black Design is like a facelift for your brand identity. Nicola combines clarity, readability, and an intuitive understanding of your company’s aesthetic to produce some of the best design around.”

— Molly Crabapple • Founder of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School

“Nicola is an extremely creative woman with an eye for appealing design and a keen sense of client satisfaction. She has provided excellent work for the Philly Roller Girls for our October 2007 bout promotional materials (posters, bout ad cards, etc.) and is a pleasure to work with.”

— Jocelyn Jenik • General Manager of The Philly Roller Girls

“Nicola has created two very special works for myself & my family. She has created business cards for my Father’s Painting Business, Murph’s Painting. The card’s were perfect, I gave them to him as a gift and also used her design for the company letterhead.

Nicola recently turned my wedding photo into a one of a kind work of art incorporating my love for vintage art noveau poster art & her own personal flair into the piece. The result is stunning, I am so lucky to have my wedding displayed in such a unique and thoughtful way.”

— Desiré Spangrud

“When I first got engaged, when I was madly pinning away every detail of my wedding and the sky was the limit, I pinned one of Nicola’s invitation suites as my ideal invitation. When the time came to actually pick my invitation, I took that image to every designer I met with in the DC area (I’m not from NJ, nor did I get married there!) and used that design as my “what I want in an invitation”. I was struggling to find anything that I liked as much as Nicola’s design.

Finally, as I was running out of time to make a design, I went back to my pinboard, and I clicked the pin. It took me to Nicola’s website, so I sent her an email asking if she’d be willing to work with someone out of state. She responded immediately and enthusiastically. From that moment, Nicola was an absolute pleasure to work with. She helped us modify the suite I loved into the perfect invitation for our wedding. The entire time, she offered her professional opinions when we needed some insight, met every deadlines (since I waited a little long to get the ball rolling, time was of the essence), and was very friendly.

The ultimate design came back beautiful and we received so many compliments on the quality and creative design of our invitation suite. I was so pleased with her work and professionalism, I contacted her when we were considering our needs for our “day-of” paper products. Again, Nicola was very responsive and helped us find ways to get what we wanted, but in the budget we were comfortable allocating. She could not have been more responsive throughout the entire process–it is obvious how much she truly cares about the work she does and the people she is working with. On the day of our wedding, the programs, menu cards, table numbers, place cards, and custom signs looked fabulous. In fact, our venue even took pictures of our paper suite to share with a member of their staff who is engaged as “fun ideas” for her own wedding! NOTE: She is very willing to work with anyone out of state!”

— Erica Pizzeck


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