Bad Detectives Graphic Design

Bad Detectives Graphic Design

June 29, 2017  |  Designs, Featured, Logos, Portfolio, Print

Team and Product

Having a great team from the get-go helps to produce something you can truly be proud of. Our team was incredible! Zach Barton of Forced Output (game designer), Maki Naro (illustration), and Nicola Black Design, LLC (graphic/visual design). Our portion of the project was to help strategize the best way to design the game cards, game pieces, rule book, and packaging. We designed a few promotional pieces including conference signage and bookmark design once the game graphics were complete. Because the game is a bit intricate, at least the first time you play, creating cards that fit together – or definitely don’t – was a challenge we thoroughly enjoyed.

Tabletop Deathmatch

Prior to final product design, Zach (game designer), entered his idea into season 2 of Tabletop Deathmatch, an independent game design contest run by Cards Against Humanity. Bad Detectives won! Zach had the opportunity to tap into a pool of illustrators and designers available to contestants to help create a final product printed by Ad Magic. Seeing that help was needed in the graphic design arena, our studio mate, Maki Naro, suggested we work together. Nicola Black Design, LLC was brought on for graphic design needs and together we created the finished game.

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