Blue-Collar Astronaut Logo and Marketing Assets

Blue-Collar Astronaut Logo and Marketing Assets

I had the pleasure of working with Scott Meyer of Mutated Software to design the logo and assets for his game, Blue-Collar Astronaut. Illustrations were supplied by Maki Naro. It is available to play on Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo and Steam. Here is a description of the game from the website:

Blue-Collar Astronaut is a is a quick to pick up and play, physics based space flight genre-buster that will have you literally and figuratively exploring upwards mobility.

Come for the Lunar Lander-meets-Meat Boy experience; share with your friends for the narrative on working class living!”

Look for it soon on Steam! (will also be available in Xbox, Nintendo, and Playstation marketplaces)

Items created:

• Game logo (Color and Black and White)
BCA Logo

• Multiple assets for Steam, Nintendo, Xbox, and Playstation online shops:
sample assets

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