Philadelphia + South Jersey Freelancers Union Spark Leader - Nicola Black

Philadelphia + South Jersey Freelancers Union Spark Leader – Nicola Black

July 22, 2016  |  Blog

We are incredibly honored and excited to announce that Nicola Black will be bringing the Philadelphia + South Jersey creative community Freelancers Union Spark events! Working with co-leader, Maki Naro, to facilitate Sparks in our region, we hope to help further build the creative community and have important conversations about how to build our businesses. Here’s a little about what a Spark is (from the Freelancers Union website):

What is Spark?
Spark is our monthly member meetup for freelancers to come together, learn stuff, and build a fantastic local community. We started Spark as a way to enable our members to network and grow their careers.

I can’t attend! Is Spark recorded?
Spark is a member-led workshop, and thrives on good conversation amongst peers. Since there’s not a “presentation” at each event, we don’t record the series.

What topics does Spark cover?
Spark helps freelancers educate themselves on topics relevant to building their business, getting new clients, doing their taxes, and more.

Our monthly workshops offer an amazing opportunity to connect with new and experienced freelancers!

Check the Spark event page for all upcoming event information (events will always be the first Wednesday of every month and will always be free to attend). We’ll also spread the word via our South Jersey Creatives site and social media channels — as we have been building a local community of freelancers and self-employed creatives over the past year who will surely benefit from these events. Our first event will be held in September — stay tuned for more soon! We want to send a BIG thank you to Freelancers Union for the opportunity to work together to continue building a strong creative community, in our area, as well as, across the country.

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