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July 18, 2016  |  Blog

The most popular inquiry I receive sounds something like this: “I’m starting my business and I need a new logo!” First off, congratulations! It’s an exciting journey starting a new business or organization that you feel passionate about! Whether you’re just beginning or are looking to refresh the old, how you are perceived is incredibly important in business. You want to make sure you look fantastic! You’re ready for a great logo that will grab your audience’s attention! But wait, there’s something you need to know. Your logo is not the only or most important ingredient in creating an impactful visual representation of your company.

What about the rest of your identity and brand? Have you thought about the full look and feel of your company collateral? All things visual, tactile, and digital that represent your organization should have a recognizable identity system in place. If you’re in the market for a new logo, I guarantee it’s not just a logo you need for your initial design collateral. You need, at bare minimum, a logo, business cards, a home on the internet, and a brand book of guidelines (which includes you organization color breakdowns, company fonts, any brand patterns, icons, or designs to be implemented in areas such as your website or brochures). Letterhead, website design, conference signage, ads, merchandise, brochures, and much more can be added to this list for a more cohesive group of company collateral.

When starting a new venture, most people are quick to get a website up and design a quick logo. Anything, quick! Fast! Hurry! We need an online presence! Well, yes. This is partially true. But zipping through this intricate process, without careful consideration, will cost you with your desired audience now and down the line. It’s pretty much guaranteed that if your organization or business has staying power and plans to be around for more than a year, you’ll need a professional team handling your marketing and design in the startup phase of your growth onward.

There is a lot to think about when designing your brand. It’s understandable that you may be unaware of the impact your brand design can have — misguided and pushing through to get anything up quickly is the route a lot of folks wind up taking. Unfortunately, having your buddy who knows Photoshop, design a logo for you or put together a quick website, is not such a good idea. While they probably mean well, they may not understand important concepts such as copyright law when it comes to pasting images together found via Google image search to create your logo. Firstly, it’s against copyright law. Secondly, it’s going to look unprofessional. And lastly, you’ll more than likely be redesigning it regardless because trademark and copyright laws were not carefully considered. While your buddy may be able to put something together quickly for you, they probably won’t put time into imperative market research and development to ensure your brand is represented in a way that will drive results. Yes, there’s A LOT that goes into this process. It’s not just about making an image that looks “cool” or uploading that image into an “insert your logo here” form field that might stretch or warp your design. Consider this. Your target audience’s perception of your brand is important and WILL affect your bottom line. The investment is worthwhile. Building your brand by hiring a professional designer is one of the best decisions you can make for your company’s appearance. They know what goes into a successful brand image, what research needs to be done, the time it takes to do it properly, and how to create an image that will represent your company or cause well.

Once you have a strong visual brand in place, working with other members of your team to integrate your brand identity across all company collateral, becomes a much simpler process. Imagine trying to get everyone on the same page with so many different ideas of who you are and how you should look floating around without a very specific plan in place. Maybe that’s why you’re here (and I’m glad you found us – we can help!) — you know how impossible that scenario can be. Just think, with everything in place, you and your team will be armed with outstanding visuals to implement where needed when posting or sharing information about your organization. It’s a good place to be and a huge time saver if done correctly.

Interested in putting your brand identity into action for you? We specialize in identity and branding and pride ourselves on making the process an enjoyable one. Contact us, today, for a quote and personalized package based on your design needs.

Below is a snippet of what you might receive when working with us. Not only will you receive imagery that makes you stand out, but details on how to use your brand across all company collateral as well as specific rules on usage. This ensures that anyone who needs your logo can easily adhere to and understand your brand’s guidelines.

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