Community Foundation of South Jersey Infographics • CFSJ

Community Foundation of South Jersey Infographics • CFSJ

Community Foundation of South Jersey came to Nicola Black Design, LLC for a design solution that would aid in marketing the different giving funds that individuals and groups can be part of. CFSJ needed a visual piece to hand off to potential donors that relayed information on how to set up a giving fund based on the type of fund that spoke best to their needs.

The solution was not to create one piece, but four custom pieces speaking to each type of fund. When meeting with potential donors, CFSJ can now provide the prospective philanthropist the proper piece of collateral that speaks to their needs. We created four infographics that were each printed and folded accordion/gatefold style with the back side set up to aid in their “Live. Give. Love.” #livegivelove social media campaign.

Following are the wireframe designs and the final designs created. While designed originally for print, we always keep digital sharing in mind — these are produced for online sharing as well. If you are interested in creating a campaign, using infographics, to promote an upcoming special event, milestone, or cause, feel free to contact us for a quote.

Wireframes to Final The first step in this process is laying out sections prior to jumping into the final design so that we can make simple edits early on in the process. You can see some of the areas that changed along the way from the wireframes to the final below. CFSJ_Four Wireframes CFSJ_Four Infographics
Final Infographics A look at each of the four final infographics:
CFSJ_Four Infographics-1
CFSJ_Four Infographics-2
CFSJ_Four Infographics-3
CFSJ_Four Infographics-4

folded mockup CFSJ_Four Infographics-5

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