Dr. Sketchy's Philadelphia Version 4.0 Marketing Materials

Dr. Sketchy’s Philadelphia Version 4.0 Marketing Materials

April 4, 2013  |  Blog, Designs, Featured, Print

For those of you who know me, you know that there’s a little event called Dr. Sketchy’s that holds a big place in my heart. In November 2007, Elizabeth Smith and I decided to pick up the event, after learning there was a previous branch in Philadelphia that wasn’t running any longer, and get it going again. We directed the event together for 1 year. Then, I went on as the solo director for the next 14 months. When things began to pick up at my design business, I handed off the event to the next director who then handed it off to my good friend, Candace. She is the current director of Sketchy’s Philly today and is doing a great job! Her ideas for sessions are so creative and fun! That, and her natural ability to speak in front of a crowd — let’s just say she leaves me in awe most of the time.

Thankfully, she has enlisted Nicola Black Design, LLC for her web and print promotional designs, here and there, which I am very happy about. One of my favorite parts of my Sketchy’s directing experience was marketing and design. There’s tons of fun to be had with it! Of course, the promos are not the only part of pushing the event, but I am very happy that Candace likes my work enough to ask me to provide the designs for her branch. It’s an absolute honor.

I knew Sketchy’s would always be a big part of my life in one way or another. Below are some of the designs I’ve produced for Candace’s branch of Dr. Sketchy’s Philadelphia. If you haven’t attended one of her sessions, like to draw women and men in amazing costumes and themed backdrops, all while enjoying a cocktail and getting to know your fellow artists, designers and photographers in the community, you won’t want to miss her upcoming session:

Killer Bee Women from Venus
A Tribute to Classic Sci-Fi Pulp
Sunday, April 21st, 5-8PM
Arch Enemy Arts • 109 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA
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Dr. Sketchy's April Bee

And here are the other images I’ve designed for Dr. Sketchy’s Philadelphia version 4.0. I can’t believe there are already over a years worth! They are so much fun to create! If you are interested in hiring Nicola Black Design, LLC to design your marketing materials, please use this form to get the process started.

DS_Saints_Demons_web correct
DS_Rouse_webIllustration above by Charles Rouse
DS MAY_11_WEB_525
DS 4_11 NEw_600

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