Ordering Wedding Invitations Through a Professional Graphic Designer

Ordering Wedding Invitations Through a Professional Graphic Designer

March 29, 2013  |  Blog

Part 3 in a series written for couples in the market for wedding invitations.
Read Part 2 for information on invitation costs.
Read Part 1 for information on the ordering timeline.

If you’ve made the choice to work with a graphic designer for your wedding stationery, congratulations! Working one-on-one with a professional graphic designer can be a wonderful experience! The attention and care that goes into creating your wedding stationery is unmatched when working with a professional. You’ll get to go over paper options, printing techniques, as well as what options are available within a specified budget — because if a suite is out of range, there’s probably a way to bring down the price by using a different paper or printing process. All things you might not get to discuss with a larger scale operation.

As with larger stationery companies, there is a process in producing your stationery and invitations when working with a designer. You’ll be asked to provide items necessary to produce your dream suite and in a timely fashion so your preferred deadline is met. To ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible, it’s best to follow the designer’s production schedule that is usually discussed during your consultation.

Here is an outline of the steps in our process:



For pre-designed suites, this step is pretty simple. After we receive your inquiry, we’ll respond with a few more questions based on the suite you’ve inquired about (papers, printing technique, info cards needed, etc.). For custom designed stationery, the consultation is usually a bit more in depth. We’ll discuss your ideas and theme of your wedding in detail, make sure your deadline works with design and production time, etc.



From the information received during your consultation, a quote is prepared.



Once the quote is sent, the client should then review the quote and alert the designer whether it will fit into their budget or not. If the quote is outside your budget range, there are sometimes options to lower costs such as changing papers or printing process. It’s in your best interest to touch base with the designer to find out all of your options. Whether you decide to accept or deny the quote, a response is always appreciated. Putting quotes together does take time.



Once the quote is approved. The booking process begins. Our quotes usually include a soft outline of the schedule we propose with turnaround time beginning once the project is 100% booked. That means that a 50% retainer deposit has been received, any design agreements and briefs are signed and returned, and all text / images you’d like to use in your suite design have been received by the designer. *Please note* If you have accepted the quote, but have not completed the three necessary items listed to complete the process, your order does not exist in our system.



The design process begins once all items listed above have been completed.



Low resolution design proofs are emailed to the client for review. This is also the time when clients will receive different colored comps to choose from, if requested, for pre-designed suites (if printed digitally, we can match any color you send us). Number of edits are limited and are outlined in your design agreement and email terms.



Once the client is happy with the design proof, they send final approval that the pieces can be sent for print. We will not release the files for print until the client sends that final approval and their final payment has been received.



Printing and shipping turnaround begins once approval has been made! You’ll be receiving your items within the turnaround time specified in email.

If you’re interested in working with Nicola Black Design to produce your wedding invitations and stationery, please contact us today! Custom designed suites are available as well as our pre-designed collection.

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