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July 5, 2012  |  Blog, Featured

We have put together a blog series to assist you in what to expect when ordering wedding stationery (see some samples of our work here). We hope these articles help!
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The purpose of this post is to give you a bit of insight on the world of design and just how beneficial it can be for couples planning their big day! As soon as “designer” is mentioned, some automatically assume, “oh, that’s going to cost me an arm and a leg!” Yet, there are so many ways to save money while still receiving that one-on-one treatment to create stellar wedding invitations and other printed materials! Custom design is within reach! Following are some key points on how you can save as well as why you should consider a professional designer to take care of your big day needs.



“DIY” seems to be the word of the decade when it comes to planning a wedding. I agree that DIYing some elements of your wedding can be a good idea, but there are some areas where I disagree. Your wedding invitations / stationery are one area of your planning I strongly believe you should reconsider DIYing. Here’s why: Many couples assume that creating their stationery will be simple. How hard can it be? Right? It’s not until they’re knee deep and at the point of no return, that they realize the cost of having a professional handle all aspects of design, printing, paper, cutting, and prep would have been well worth the investment. I’ve spoken to many couples who’ve fallen into that category. They completely overlooked and underestimated the cost of supplies, the time and effort creating, printing, cutting and assembling the design. Not to mention the many hands they needed to help with labor. In hindsight, they would’ve MUCH rather paid for quality work – saving their sanity, time, and energy. Believe me, it’s worth it. Especially, if you’re interested in memorable, one-of-a-kind, custom design that only a pro can create.



When DIYing your invitations, how are you planning to print? Have you thought about how to set up your pieces for ease of cutting and assembly? Can your home printer properly handle the paper weight necessary for your invitations? Have you thought about sizing, mailing dimensions and cost, and envelopes? Do you know what “bleed” means? Does your printer allow for proper bleed? This can often be the most difficult and overlooked part of the process for those going the DIY route. If you are inexperienced, it is a good time to hire a professional. Not only are you limited to what printing techniques you can use, but I guarantee you’ll find yourself quite aggravated, going through a lot of paper, and so tired of test printing that you’ll end up loathing anything paper related for quite some time. Who wants that headache when planning a wedding? Aren’t you supposed to enjoy this? Let a professional ease your stress and deliver finished pieces. Headache relieved!



One disadvantage with DIYing your invitations are the paper and printing choices available. You probably won’t have access to letterpress or foils, but since you’re trying to save, those options have probably already been tossed out. Totally understandable! You can still achieve beautiful results by printing flat! But rather than dealing with all of the headache in point #2, hire a professional. Most have deals with printers that aren’t available to the general public since designers send work to them on a regular basis. They can also choose paper stock based on your needs and budget. You can still achieve high quality invitations using flat printing techniques, but your options are limited if you DIY. A graphic designer will be able to guide you according to your budget as to what paper, printing and design options will work best for you.



So, you have this great design idea for your invitations. You sit down at your computer to knock it out using that nifty program, Word. Awesome! Oh, wait… this isn’t quite working. You can’t make what you want to with this program using your skill set. That’s because Word is a word processing program. It is in no way a design program. Good news, though! A designer can take your idea and create something beautiful with proper design software. Let’s not forget, being creative is a large part of what designers do for a living. In most cases, if you are open to using their skills to their capacity, a designer will offer up some alternative ideas or embellish on your idea during consultation. Brainstorming based on theme, colors, and limitations is what we do best!



Every job I do, is a potential portfolio piece. That means I care about making the most beautiful pieces possible. What does that mean for you? It means that I’m not a machine looking to knock out as many mediocre pieces as possible. I’m 100% interested in quality. I want my couples to be proud sending out their invitations, decorating their tables with matching table numbers, escort cards, menus, etc. It’s a labor of love. I take pride in my work and it’s evident in the product I produce. I won’t let a client walk away with nothing less than the best.

In a nutshell, investing in a designer is one of the best things you can do when planning your wedding. If you’re unsure, why not inquire to see how much your dream suite might run? It can’t hurt – inquiring is free. I think you’ll be surprised! You will find that editing your suite size, choosing different print/paper options can actually end up saving you more money! Price is always dependent on the client’s needs. That’s why I provide custom quotes. It would be unfair to charge the same prices across the board – each quote is prepared according to what is ordered.

Think about what the above points are worth to you. Your sanity alone is worth the price (and then some) of working with a professional to produce your invitations and stationery. Please, let me know what you think in the comments section. I’d like to open a conversation with the community on this subject as well as shed some light on what I can offer to those seeking the wedding stationery of their dreams.


  1. Hi I just wanted to say that you’re exactly to the point. I’m a fellow graphic designer as well and come across mmany couples that have thought about the diy route, tried and decided to go with meas the end result. Thanks again for the great article.

  2. Thanks, @Rachel! It truly is upsetting hearing about the time and money invested in DIY suites only for the couple to realize the results they set out to achieve aren’t able to be fulfilled. They then come to me to help out leaving a lot less time and possible rush charges. If only they had hired a pro to begin with. It’s a shame. The perception that design know how, paper type and quality, and printing technique don’t matter is what needs to change. There’s a reason we’re good at what we do. It takes talent and investment on our end — not everyone can do it (or should be doing it). It’s why I don’t offer my services as a plumber, for instance. While I may be able to troubleshoot the random issue now and then, I’m not a professional who could diagnose the issue faster and fix it better. Same goes for those trying to navigate our field. 😉

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