Dr. Sketchy's HQ Website Design

Dr. Sketchy’s HQ Website Design

June 20, 2012  |  Designs, Portfolio, Web

In July 2009, I was contracted by Molly Crabapple to design the look and feel of her new Dr. Sketchy’s HQ website. Below are some of the proposed designs I created. *Note – this was in the first phase of the project where placeholder text/imagery is used.

I am always happy to assist with the visual design elements of your front end website design. I now offer website assistance and will be adding a few sites to my portfolio very soon. If you need a website designed and set up, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Basic front page:

Front Page with NYC events area (bottom) clicked:

Front Page with “What is Dr. Sketchy’s” banner clicked:

Branch Page:

Branch Page Once Map Location Chosen:

Branch Page Once City Is Chosen or Branch Profile Page with Event Listing:

Branch Profile Blog Page:

Branch Profile Photo Album Page:

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