Changing Printing & Paper Options to Save on Wedding Invitations

Changing Printing & Paper Options to Save on Wedding Invitations

January 25, 2012  |  Blog

On January 23rd, I launched the wedding section of my website and received a lot of great feedback! Thank you to all of those who’ve supported me over the past few months while I fine-tuned the suites, contacted tons of print vendors for the best pricing possible, and tweaked everything until I felt it was absolutely ready to be launched.

I will be adding to the collection every 2 weeks so there is something fresh in the collection for couples to peruse. Most of the collections will be able to be edited (colors, printing style, etc) to accommodate your budget. The price sheets included are simply a guideline for the printing techniques and high quality papers I suggest for each design.

For example, the Ingrid suite is priced for 2-color foil stamps on a 130# black stock. As currently priced, the invitation suite starts at $9.25 per invitation (invitation, RSVP, and envelopes). What if that isn’t in your budget, but you really love the design? I offer many options to bring your price per invitation down using different papers and printing options.

Here’s just one idea to show you how to save:
The Ingrid suite is originally printed on a 130# black stock. To save, the color of the stock for would change to a lighter option such as white. For a flat printing option, I offer 120# Mohawk paper which produces a very nice end product. Just have a look at the mock-up below to get a good idea. The colors you choose to print with can change according to your wedding colors (just as is possible with the foil stamping option). Flat printing on white 120# stock begins at $4.25 per invitation (includes RSVP, main invitations, and both envelopes) for the Ingrid suite saving you $5.00! Of course the result won’t be as striking as using the foil stamping technique, but the final result will be beautiful nonetheless.

So, you can see, pricing can change depending on print and paper options used. If you like my wedding stationery designs, please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your budget. I’m more than happy to discuss every engaged couples’stationery needs.

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