Public Health Law Research - Temple University - Convention Collateral

Public Health Law Research – Temple University – Convention Collateral

August 3, 2011  |  Designs, Featured, Portfolio, Print

I work with clients in many different industries and enjoy all forms of design. While my portfolio shows off a lot of entertainment industry work, I also have years of experience with corporate clients. When PHLR (Public Health Law Research) at Temple University contacted me to help with their convention collateral, I was thrilled for the opportunity to help them produce and develop their overall look. The main challenge was to localize the look throughout their pieces to feel like one brand. I focused on their color scheme as well as a few chosen fonts that they’ve been working with in their existing collateral. Focusing on those elements, I created and designed a look that that connected the pieces. Below are a few examples of the work.

Pop-up conference banner:

Lectern banner:


Tri-Fold Conference Banner 63″ x 47.5″:

Poster also used as Power Point slide for presentations:

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