NBD is Sponsoring Dr. Sketchy's Philly

NBD is Sponsoring Dr. Sketchy’s Philly

February 22, 2011  |  Blog

Above Design © Nicola Black Design, L.L.C. • Photo of Candy Mayhem © Celeste Giuliano Photography
I am SO EXCITED to announce that Nicola Black Design is now an official sponsor of Dr. Sketchy’s Philly!

As some of you know, I directed the branch from October 2007 – December 2009 (co-directed with Elizabeth Smith of The Midwives Collective from 10/07 – 8/08). When I look back, I have so many fantastic memories from those days. Dr. Sketchy’s is an incredibly unique event and being a part of it as a sponsor is such an honor! For those of you who haven’t heard of Dr. Sketchy’s, I advise you check out their website ASAP! In short, Dr. Sketchy’s, created by Molly Crabapple, is a drawing session that’s taken the world by storm! With over 120 branches worldwide, the drawing event has a faithful following of artists who look forward to drawing sessions that include a whole lot of debauchery, drinking, sexy models, music, awesome competitions, wild emcees and an all around good time for artists to just let loose.

Nicola Black Design will be creating all promotional materials for the Philly branch from April 2011 onward! The branch is now under new direction by Miss Candy Mayhem – an absolutely gorgeous burlesque queen with incredible taste and a vast knowledge of event planning (think Hellcat Girls Burlesque, Olde City Sideshow & Pinups for Pitbulls to name a few events she’s lent her expertise to). I just know her events will be killer! I can not wait to get back to the sessions to draw again! Big thanks to Candy Mayhem for her interest in my work. To see my Dr. Sketchy’s promos of old, please check out this portfolio post. If you’re interested in collecting the posters, they’re available at our online store – have a look!

For those of you interested in checking out one of the most fun, off-the-wall, sexy, and exciting drawing events in Philadelphia, please check out Dr. Sketchy’s Philly! The next event is scheduled for March 12, 2011 from 3PM-6PM and is featuring The Infamous Miss Mae as your model! Tickets are available at World Café Live.

Below are a few examples of my old designs for Dr. Sketchy’s Philly marketing materials – can’t wait to add more to the collection!


  1. Im so glad you are doing the Dr.Sketchy’s Philly posters again! Everyone loves your work!

  2. Dre, thank you! You have no idea how much that means to me. The posters have always been one of my favorite parts of Sketchy’s. It really gave me a chance to play. I had a great time with the “look” of Sketchy’s when I was director. Everything — from the design of the event signage, promos, website, ads to giveaway tickets. I enjoyed the branding aspect of it A LOT! So, the chance to sponsor the new incarnation of DS Philly is very exciting for me. I’m looking forward to it!

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