Penn's View Hotel Brochure

Penn’s View Hotel Brochure

November 12, 2009  |  Designs, Featured, Portfolio, Print

I designed a brochure for Penn’s View Hotel and Ristorante Panorama in 2006. This design is a revised version of that same brochure. The original piece was an 8.5×11 tri-fold which then folded out into an 11×17 piece with a full interior for extra information.

On the original 11×17 fold out we included the map of Old City, special packages information, and elaborate directions from 4 different points. I also had the brochure printed on a weightier stock to better engage the consumer and hopefully persuade them to keep it a bit longer than the average brochure.

After revisiting the project, my client shared with me that while the benefit of having the 11×17 fold out was very well received, they needed another option for traveling purposes. The weight of the 11×17 brochures as well as the thickness posed a few issues when trying to travel as light as possible.

I redesigned the piece as an 8.5×11 on regular stock to alleviate a bit of room in packing. In doing so, I had to shrink the size of the map which originally took up the bottom half of the 11×17 space. It had to now fit into one of the tri-fold panels without losing any pertinent information. Text was edited while photos were updated and replaced allowing for a fantastic final piece that solved the transport issue.
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