Darla's Yoga Garden Logo

Darla’s Yoga Garden Logo

November 9, 2009  |  Designs, Featured, Logos, Portfolio

I had the pleasure of working with Darla Magee of Houston’s Darla’s Yoga Garden. The process of creating the above logo was an experience I won’t forget. Darla allowed me to have a lot of fun in creating the design — her approach to the creative process is very open and she truly understands how communication with the designer aids in design. There were a few different approaches I explored with this being the final approved logo. Darla wanted something very laid back that emanated a warm, comfortable feeling as well as something that illustrated the name, Darla’s Yoga Garden.

In my design process, I always create a black and white logo first. It is important that the logo work without color for applications that may require black and white, or one-color printing. Darla bwDarla-colorBy creating the logo in black and white (or one-color) the overall shape and impression is the focus. One can better judge those aspects of the mark by implementing this process. After creating the final look of the logo in black and white, I went on to create the color logo (including the green gradient of the bamboo and the orange of the butterfly wings). I also created a version eliminating the gradient (seen in large image above) for applications such as screen printing.

Working together, we created a great logo for Darla’s needs. Please visit her Darla Teaches Yoga site for more information on her classes.

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